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Young girls get bored and bored girls act out.

A washed up Flemish criminal gets assigned the job of babysitting a feisty, young Hungarian beauty in a remote cottage somewhere in the French Ardennes. They don’t know each other’s backgrounds and they’re not supposed to ask questions.

To Catch A Fly is a dark Dutch comedy about an aging criminal forced to face the lack of impact he has made in the world while watching over a pretty young girl during a hot summer assignment. All he really wants to do is follow simple orders; make sure she stays at the house, keep a low profile and don’t ask questions. The girl has other plans however and she’s not about to let him boss her around.

Genre: Dark Comedy, Crime, Mystery.
Running time: 20 min.
Format: Anamorphic, 2:39. Color.
Sound: 5.1, Stereo.
Shot on: Arri Alexa, 2.7k,
Edited on: Adobe Premiere Pro.
Spoken Languages: English, Dutch, Flemish, French, Hungarian.
Subs: English, Dutch.